Saturday, October 11, 2008


Top 10 phobias of celebrities

Everybody has phobias about something. Here I have compiled phobias of certain celebrities. Perhaps I think it is best way to learn and remember about each phobia associated with each celebrity!

Pamela Anderson has fear of mirrors - (Eisoptrophobia)

Scarlett Johansson has fear of cockroaches (Entomophobia)

Johnny Depp, revealed he is afraid of clowns (Coulrophobia)

Orlando Bloom allegedly has a fear of pigs (swinophobia)

David Boreanaz is scared of waterfalls and fish. (Ichthyophobia)

David Beckham suffers from fear of disorder or untidiness (ataxophobia)

Nicole Kidman is terrified of butterfliesa (lepidopterphobe)

Jennifer Love Hewitt has revealed that she has a number of phobias, the worst of which is a fear of elevators.
Michael Douglas has a phobia of women's hairy armpits (Chaetophobia).

Hollywood director Woody Allen is said to have a morbid fear of sunshine (eosophobia), crowds (Eisoptrophobia).

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