Saturday, September 1, 2007


Best friendship portrait

Want to see visual representation of friendship? Here you will find the love beyond the boundary between Orangutans and a Tiger cub. I guess this is the best friendship portrait ever! The love and feeling of belonging to each another cannot be expressed in words.

Tiger cub cuddling Orangutans

Tiger cub in Orangutans arms

Tiger cub kissing Orangutans

Orangutans and Tiger cub sleeping

Orangutans feed Tiger Cub

Orangutans in a man's arm

Orangutans clinging to a man

Photo credit: LoveBeats Yahoo Group

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Cool closeup

wednesday dachsday, originally uploaded by edartr.

He looks cool! I love this closeup!

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Creative look

trunks away!, originally uploaded by CaZ*.

The angle is good. Very creative look, perception and stunning colours.

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Water drops

raining, originally uploaded by simbo74.

Clear shoot! Water drop pattern is stunning!

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