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Desktop utility to upload to flickr,picasa and youtube

Do you find it difficult to upload your photos to flickr, picasa and Youtube difficult. Not any more! You can use Fire Universal Uploader.

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Fire Universal Uploader is a Firefox extension that lets you upload and also download videos, pictures, documents and other files to the above websites from a common interface.

Getting started is simple - click the dropbox icon in the Firefox status bar, select one of service where you wish to upload the file(s) and then drag-n-drop the pictures or videos - you content will be online almost the next minute.

The Universal Uploader is like a two-way FTP client for YouTube, Flickr and other sites - you can browse stuff that's already available in your account or upload new media file. The upcoming version could have support for Google Video, Photobucket and more.

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Blue Beauty

Blue Beauty, originally uploaded by rainbow11.

Rare butterfly caught on camera. Great shot!

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Extraordinarily awesome macro!

C'Mon....Gimme a Kiss?, originally uploaded by taylorkoa22.

Shot very closely. Crystal clear. The blue eyes look great. Congrats to taylorkoa22, for such a macro! Once again, nature's beauty exalts man made artificial beauty!

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Colourful moth

The Clearwing Moth, originally uploaded by LeapFrog_Photo.

Colourful moth on green leaf. Great shot, very clear.

Photo facts: Here are some of the basic differences between moths and butterflies:

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Butterflies and Moths

Butterflies and moths are similar animals, but they have some general differences. The main difference is that butterflies have knobs, or clubs, on the tips of their antennae. Moths may have threadlike, feathery, or blunt antennae, but their antennae lack clubs. In addition, most moths tend to fly chiefly at night, while butterflies are active during the day. When at rest, most moths hold their wings folded flat over their backs, while butterflies hold their wings upright over their backs or bask with them spread flat out to the side. Many species of moths have dull gray or brown wings, and butterflies often have wings with colorful patterns. But numerous exceptions exist. For example, many moths fly during the day and are brightly marked, and many butterflies have soft, brown wings.

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Beautiful lake

The Lakes, originally uploaded by L C.

Tranquil lake side. Perfect place to mediate or relax. Great photo!

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The extraordinary virus

The extraordinary virus

Have a look at this splendid picture, where a virus infests its genetic material to a host cell. They say never before such a clear picture was caught under electron microscope. The final image is a 3D model developed by sophisticated computer program. You may read the full article by clicking the source URL.

The images, which show for the first time a virus poised to inject its genetic material into a host cell, grace the cover of the Feb. 2 issue of Nature.

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Fight back cancer with Imagery

Self or guided Imagery technique, when used properly yields promising results, in fighting back cancer and pain.

Imagery is a simple technique you focus on something (usually the physical o psychological problem) and think that you are counteracting against it, by positive thoughts or a mental imagination of fight with them. You can alternatively look at some beautiful pictures (more importantly, that which is pleasing to you!) for few minutes and mediate that you are physically present there. This relieves mental tension and calms the mind.

The following article is clipped from cnn. The article is about how the Imagery in conjugation with relaxation technique helps kids cope with pain. Don't be disappointed that it doesn't work for adults. It will work if the adults do little bit of real imagination as kids do.
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Imagery, relaxation techniques help kids cope with pain

guided imagery -- which can be as simple as visualizing a beautiful beach or as complex as picturing immune cells attacking cancer cells -- has already been used successfully to help people cope with various types of pain. For instance, among a group of 94 adult cancer patients, those who received imagery training reported less pain than those who didn't, according to a study published in the November 1995 issue of the journal Pain. What's more, a study in the October 1996 issue of the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics found that guided imagery lowered postoperative pain in children. The use of guided imagery or relaxation techniques to treat the stubborn symptoms of RAP, however, has never been studied.

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Use imagery techniques to remember difficult names

Now you make a simple application of "imagery" technique to remember difficult names of place, person or anything. Be creative and go explore how you can utilize this technique to improve your memory retention. Read the following a article on imagery:
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See it, feel it, remember it

One type of mnemonic - or memory aid - relies on imagery rather than words.
A classic way of remembering a person's name is to try and imagine it (or something associated to it) on the person's face. This is easy if you meet John Bridge: just imagine a bridge on his face. For less obvious examples, you'll have to get more creative. Psychologists have found that the more bizarre and vivid the image the better it works.

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