Sunday, July 29, 2007


Beautiful turtle

Turtle Numba Two, originally uploaded by Gravity Bun.

Perfect shot under water. Colors are vivid and clear. Great shot!

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Snake's path in desert

Human tracks, originally uploaded by JoeMikel.

Wonderful color composition. The horizon seems to glow and perfectly flat.

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Awesome colours! Mind blowing!

Look at rich colors! The photo is truly breath taking!

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Dare devil!

Jaws, originally uploaded by Cytosue.

My first thought that came to my mind when I saw this photo was, cloud it be a real? Many of flickr user's shared the same doubt! (if you are curious just click on the photo to read the comments!) Anyway the picture is scary!

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Cool snake!

Hello There..., originally uploaded by Carla Finley.

Cool isn't? A shot that is taken very close and all the features are very clear! Look at his beautiful scales!

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Crystal clear shot!

Massive, originally uploaded by Surreal McCoy.

Perfect shoot!

Look at the still waters of the lake and the mirror effect. The light coming behind the mountain makes it galore!

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