Thursday, August 2, 2007


What is blogged in Myfpf?

What is myfpf?

Hi welcome to myfpf! myfpf is the acronym for My Favorite Photos from Flickr! Everyday several thousand photos are uploaded in flickr. Some photos are quite good. I blog on some of these top photos from flickr. You can benefit out from these photos! How? Just by glancing at these photos! Read on! Imagery is a proven technique to reduce pain, cope up with stress and make you feel good. So it is actually your daily dose of health syrup, that can aid to have a peaceful mind and keep you going. So get your dose daily and enjoy a good mental health!

Why do I blog photos from flickr?

I love flickr. It's a easy, user friendly and best photo sharing website. Lot of cool features in uploading, organizing, sharing makes it a smart choice for effortless photo sharing suite. I thought of sharing these thousands of good photos. Then I thought of blogging them. Here are some of the issues which I have considered before blogging the photos from the flickr.

Every day thousands of photos are uploaded. It is estimated that flickr has already more than
400 millions of photos.

"Zillions of photos, videos, blogs and more (some of them have to be good)" - for technorati users this phrase sounds familiar. Yes, these are the phrase in the technorati home page. It's very true!

Even though several thousand photos are uploaded daily on flickr only some are good. Luckily flickr selects such good(interesting ones too!) photos and makes it easily accessible to users. Exploring these photos is also very easy!

Issues concerned with blogging photos from flickr

I select photos for blogging from the exploring, the interesting photos and searching under a keyword. Well, the next big thing is, using these photos in my blog . Then the copy right becomes the issue. flickr has enabled the privacy level which could be set to the photos uploaded. If the user(those who originally uploaded) have set the photo public, then the option "blog this" is visible just above the photo (see the screenshot below). I use this feature to blog. Advertently I have to avoid the photos without such links.

To make all these happen you have to initially allow flickr to gain access to your blogger account. The picture is not actually hosted in my blog. It's only a link from them. If the user who originally uploaded deletes the photo from their flickr album, then the message, "this photo is currently unavailable" is displayed in the blog.
Since everything is done by the flickr, the original uploader is also credited and link to their photo stream is provided.

Finally, if you have any doubts or need any clarification, you may visit flickr faq

Thank you!

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