Friday, July 27, 2007


Posing for camera

Spring has come, originally uploaded by ooma90.

It seems the bird is enjoying the flowers. So natural and nice!

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Gentle and innocent

Gentle and innocent, originally uploaded by sam.wevbled.

Simple but yet attractive!

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I love this place!

Smooth as silk, originally uploaded by janekeeler.

What a solitary and beautiful place. I would like to spend hours here to relieve my self when I'm tired or angry with some one! Wonderful shot!

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Mirror effect?

Bora Bora on the Horizon, originally uploaded by CFR3.

Are the water drops which once remained together in cloud, now see themselves separated, with one in the clod and other in the earth?

Its pretty good to see sky and the waters meet together in horizon.

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Breath taking beauty!

Bouquet, originally uploaded by smoore24.

What a colorful flowers! It's true that no one can wear better than these flowers.

You spread your bright beauty around
With the sweet fragrance abound
The colors are radiant
They speaks of the wonderful creator in you!

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Flying fishes

IMG_5019, originally uploaded by tukat.

These mystical fishes play in the shallow waters. The clear water makes these pretty fish flying.

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War in the sky?

Apus la Vasoaia, originally uploaded by Ovidiu15.

It looks as if war has broke out in the skies! The fading sun's rays look like the smoke left behind the war planes.

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