Saturday, August 4, 2007


How to breast feed your baby properly?

It is the 16th World Breastfeeding Week from August 1 to 7 with and the message ‘avoid infant mortality by breastfeeding within one hour of birth’. It is true many diseases can be prevented if the baby is properly breast feed up to 6 months. Mother’s milk contains the nutrients that suits the baby's demand and has immunoglobulins to fight against disease. If you are a expectant or a new mother this is a must see video. This video some basic problems related to breast feeding.

Here is another video from WHO on breast feeding. UNICEF/WHO PSA promoting breastfeeding - 'Baby Bubbly' [wmv 1.64Mb]

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The beautiful bride and bridegroom

flower_closeup, originally uploaded by Me the wanderer.

Photo facts: The male part of the flower is called androecium and female part is called gynecium. Doesn’t they a perfect couple?

A flower is said to be bisexual if the reproductive structure with both male and female equivalent parts (stamens and pistil in angiosperms is present. They are also called a perfect or complete flower. On the other hand a flower is unisexual if the reproductive structure that is either functionally male or functionally female.

About the photo: Perfect!

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myfpf feed url has been changed


Today I have changed the myfpf’s feed url.
Click here to subscribe to the new feed

Don’t worry, if you enter the old url, you will be directed to default one. So you need not miss any posts. Meanwhile you can checkout the new myfpf

Thank you for your understanding!

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Blue beauty

Blue is Beautiful!, originally uploaded by Pia's birdseye view.

When do colours get
Mobile in the air?
It is when the butterflies are in the air
Flying gracefully, these
Small flies spread happiness

Abou the picture: Wonderful shot! So graceful!

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The light spatter

In between worlds, originally uploaded by redcipolla.


I make things glow
I make thing grow
I make them shine

In early morning I rise!
The flowers turn their head
Towards me; I bestow my warm
Smile at the them.

In the sea shore I
Make a sign of new
warm morning and
people watch me raise
from my sleep!

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