Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Little Homes!

A shroomy space!, originally uploaded by Josho.

We are in the new place
and we Shoot up only yesterday!

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Beautiful landscape

Speed River, originally uploaded by chona_p.

The river flows unceasingly
nourishing the tress
The green trees show they are flourishing
The whole place blooms with life
The clouds in the sky looks at them .
They give a cool look.

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The sun is setting down

duol, originally uploaded by Farl.

It is the final show of the sun
To the waters. As the sun sets
The gentle waves ebbing gently
Gleaming in sun’s ray, say
Good-bye to the sun.

About the photo:
A great picture, good composition.

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My heart is dirt free

Lotus position, originally uploaded by laylamajnoon.

Ever wondered what the nature tries to say to us?

The flower says:

My heart is dirtless
So my beauty is flawless
I never show up any a thing
That is not in me!
That is the truth.
The truth makes you beautiful.

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Heart full of beauty!

Heart of Gold., originally uploaded by davidartoon.

The Rose

Face is index of mind
Your show your beauty
As it is inside you!
You are so soft, so gentle
That your fragrance seduces me.

About the photo

Great shot and indeed a beautiful rose!

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