Friday, October 10, 2008


Top ten funny photos for Suicide

Today 10th October 2008 is observed as World Mental Health Day. The WHO theme for this year is “Building awareness – reducing risk: mental illness and suicide”.

Here is the juicy part of what I did! I was googling to find celebrities who are Goodwill ambassadors for this programme. But could not find one. Oh no! I tried something else! Then out of curiosity, I tried to search flickr with the search word, “Suicide!” What a surprise! I got a lot of funny and informative pictures (to be frank some are really horriable!!) with denotive and connotive meaning of suicide. Here are those photos, just for laughs (;-)

1. Office assistant can help you write your suicide note.

2. Rock 'n' roll suicide!
3. Suicide notes
4. Smoking is suicide
5. Suicide...
6. Suicide girls logo?!
7. Social suicide
8. Adolf Hitler marries mistress Eva Braun just before commiting suicide

9. Doll commits suicide
10. Suicide Grafitti!

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