Saturday, July 28, 2007


Visualization of depressed Mood

Teardrop, originally uploaded by Craig Shillington.

The waters got colored from the skies!
The sky is just loaded with lots of water drops
The earth is qui filles with waters from skies!
There is no enough place for the poor trees to stand

Little shrubs, herbs and those little insects
That spend all the day busy working
Got drowned because of sudden out pour from skies
To the little bird on the bird on the tree
Is trembling; Wanting to find a tree live!

Bird was wondering, why did the sky
Did such a thing; Whether you are worried or angry
Don't ever burst out; Because it hurts you and
All around you!

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Reaching out to the sun!

Bliss, originally uploaded by

They reach out to the sun
And the sun's tender rays lit them up
Their darling bees just get "bliss" out of them!

This is really awesome photo!

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Nature's emotion

captured emotion, originally uploaded by niklens.

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Doing the nice job in a most beautiful place!

Bee Yourself... Bee Happy, originally uploaded by JC Couto.

The Bee

I fly looking for flowers
Oh! we get tired soon not because of fly
But by overwhelming beauty of these flowers!
All we do is fly and collect nectar and enjoy
And being always happy!

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Gorgeous flower

memory of summer, originally uploaded by omnia.

You spin and twist
You mix and spurn colors
To show up the colors
That make us wonder!
Your face is so radiant!
Giving a feast to our eyes!

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