Thursday, August 9, 2007


Joyous colours

Really colourful isn't? Yes, they show the joyous moments in the air.

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I'm too slim and hot!

DSC_0091 Red hot poker, originally uploaded by northdevonfarmer.

These flowers look hot and slim, just like young girls!

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Simple flower

A touch of Yellow, originally uploaded by Lumiere2005.

The flower looks beautiful behind blue background.

Simple, yet beautiful!

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Colourful moth

A Moth [114/365], originally uploaded by turbojoe.

Clear shot! Clear shot!

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Concentration, originally uploaded by catb.

It seems the bird is seriously thinking about something! Beautiful shot!

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ID Request, originally uploaded by The Nature Nook.

Ever wondered how the birds live their social life? Though they are relatively small, they explore the whole forest or the area they live. It is really awesome how the birds identify themselves.

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