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A tragic love story: Flourished on Orkut, died in a bullet.

The girl on the photo is Koushambi Layek, who was murdered by her lover Manish Thakur, with whom she had developed relations on

WHEN EVERY BIG business house is running a business of social networking website, owned by Google continues to be in the centre of controversy for one wrong reason or another. This time Orkut finds itself in the midst of a murder mystery. The reason for murder is believed to be failed love which developed on Orkut.

The story:

This love story started in the AC three tier compartment. The accused Manish Thakur, a resident of Bashdroni in West Bengal , was on his way to Thiruvantapuram where he met Koushambi Layek who was on her way to the training centre of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The relation gradually evolved through scrapping on Orkut. After some time Koushambi discovered that Manish was married. Heartbroken she ended her relation with him, but was threatened by Manish again and again. Koushambi confided to her parents about the incidence and they tried to sort out the problem by talking with Manish.

Unfortunately the talks did not help and the police discovered her dead body in Mumbai’s Sun-a-Sheel hotel’s room number 202. After a thorough investigation it was found that Manish had killed her by his service revolver.

Usually a gunshot to head is depicted in movies as a very uneventful and less scary incident,which leaves a little "cute" hole on victim's head. But in reality , the bullet would burst open the skull , exposing brain matter, and in some case, even squash the eyes.A scene like that, with an open squashed head with brain matter and blood scattered everywhere,is more than enough to take the sh*t out of any normal living soul. Chances are that , the guy got scared and changed his mind seeing the gore and ran away.This is further supported by the following findings:

Thakur left all his personal belongings and ID proof at the Sun & Sheel hotel ,Mumbai where Koushambi's body was found on Monday afternoon.
Manish, in spite of being married lured her to marry him. Koushambi had informed her family, but they advised her against it. Their relationship continued and the police suspect that he might have murdered her because she denied marrying him. Manish tried to convince her several times that he will divorce his wife to marry her. In fact, he had not informed her initially that he was married. Her body was found in a pool of blood in a hotel room in Andheri. They had checked in as Mr. and Mrs. Thakore on May 12. She had been killed on Sunday night and by Monday afternoon the hotel employees found her body. By then Manish had sneaked away.

Police confirmed that this murder was preplanned. This is because Manish was already carrying a chopper and a gun with him. They also suspect that he might have shot her in her sleep. The latest updates on CNN-IBN say that after shooting her (through a pillow to avoid noise of the gunshot! and he had also turned up the TV volume), Manish wanted to chop her into pieces. But, he couldn’t and stayed on for almost five hours drinking a whole bottle of whisky.

Meanwhile Manish’s and Koushambi’s profiles have drawn thousands of visitors in the past two days on orkut. There has been a formation of two communities in the name ‘Tribute to Koushambi Layek’ and ‘Koushambi cry for Justice’. The number of registered members in these two communities is increasing rapidly. Many visitors are also visiting Manish’s profile to express strong reactions.

It perhaps will not be a very good idea to blame this social networking website. But this incident definitely shows the flipside of social networking on the Internet and the best thing one can do is be careful while using it in order to avoid unpleasant incidents and such mishaps.

You can pay your tributes to Koushambi here:

Both Koushambi Layek and Manish Thakur's profile are still in orkut.

Koushambi profile:
Condolences are pouring into her scrapbook.

Her killer profile:

To read the written testimonial by Koushambi about her lover click here

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